20 Bridge St, Hatherleigh, Nr Okehampton, Devon, EX20 3HY

Exhibitions at Salar Gallery:

After a break of over 3 years due to the Pandemic and other things, we are at last having another exhibition! Details below:

Steve Savage

Wildlife paintings (& prints) by local artist Steve Savage.

Steve loves nature, the outdoors, and animals. He always enjoyed drawing as a child and teenager but then had little time for it due to other commitments till nearly 40 years later when he moved to Devon and joined his local art group.

With a variety of pastels (pan, stick, pencil) he found he could create realistic and vibrant animal paintings. His focus almost always starts with the eyes which sets the mood and detail for the rest of the painting, and he is fascinated by the different shapes and colours of animal eyes and how and why they differ between species.

Steve has been on a number of safaris to Africa to see some of his favourite big cats, elephants, birds, and other animals in their natural habitat. He also loves painting pets and wild animals native to the UK.

From 11th November (Hatherleigh Carnival day) to 30th November

At Salar Gallery (lower exhibition room)

Opening times as for Gallery.